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NATA / JEE (B.Arch) Regular Classroom Coaching Course

NATA and JEE Regular Course 2023-24 provided by the ADA classes is very popular among the NATA aspirants. Our faculty members have designed the JEE (B.Arch) Course Structure keeping every detail into consideration.

Our team has trained thousands of students who are now part of the top architecture institutes and colleges like the SPA Delhi, Chitkara University, Vijaywada, Bhopal CEPT Ahmadabad, Chandigarh College of Architecture, and many more. Among them, many have even boarded on their successful journey in their architecture careers as well.

We have specially design course structure for NATA Entrance Exam Preparation, 2023-24. We take special care in preparing JEE (B.Arch) Course Structure to benefit the students. Our faculty members provide valuable insights in Classroom Coaching for NATA aspirants to help the candidates crack the entrance with high scores. Even the Classroom Coaching for JEE (B.Arch) is equally given importance so that it should add much value to the preparation process. As, both the NATA & JEE B.Arch Preparation Process requires thorough planning, we ensure making student-specific strategies to benefit every individual student.

Weekend / Weekdays
65,000 /- (without maths)
Weekend / Weekdays
85,000 /- (with maths)

NATA / JEE (B. Arch) Course features

The course is designed as per the JEE (B.Arch) pattern which includes Class XIth and XIIth Mathematics as a vital part of the course.

  • Most comprehensive course designed and delivered by faculties with massive experience in the field of architecture
  • Well designed course content covering all subjects in detail
  • Class tests in each session and assignments for practice
  • Regular feedback given on your performance
  • Home assignments reinforce the concepts and learning.
  • Difficulties are discussed in class so that the student becomes absolutely clear.
  • Career guidance along with entrance exam preparation
  • Course comprises of last years papers and sample questions related to JEE(B.arch).
  • 24/7 online support via email
What will You Get in This Course ?

Why is Regular Classroom Coaching for NATA and JEE (B.Arch) Beneficial?

Is NATA and JEE Regular Course necessary?

This is the question which comes to every student’s minds. So, let us understand what is takes to crack the NATA and JEE (B.Arch) Examination, and along with that also see the purpose classroom coaching solves.

  1. Professional Guidance
  2. Disciplined schedule
  3. Focused approach of preparation
  4. Comprehensive Study Material
  5. Genuine feedback
  6. Mock Test Sessions

So, now that we know what are the essentials of NATA and JEE (B.Arch) preparation we will discuss them details in accordance with the support you will get from the NATA & JEE(B.Arch) Coaching Classes.

  1. Professional Guidance for NATA and JEE Regular Course:

    While you are preparing for the NATA & JEE (B.Arch) entrance exams, there will be numerous questions and queries coming to your mind regarding the subjects. Many problems will arise which you might need solutions to; here is when the role of an experienced faculty member comes into play. Our faculty members are always ready to solve your problems and queries on need basis. We even provide special problem solving sessions to make the preparation process smooth and effective. Therefore, it is very important to consult a panel of experienced faculty members to guide you through the whole preparation process of NATA and JEE (B.Arch).

  2. Disciplined Schedule

    To crack the NATA & JEE (B.Arch) Entrance Exam, you should have a planned and disciplined schedule which will surely take you a long way. Many of us are not much into self-discipline, therefore, regular classroom coaching and mock test sessions will make you keep pace with and thus help to make you disciplined. The development of your fellow aspirants will also provide you motivation to keep up with the pace and overall development.

  3. Focused Approach of preparation:

    NATA & JEE (B.Arch) Exam preparation requires focused approach. Here, we mean that there are numerous integral steps which comprise the whole preparation process. Each and every step starting from the reference books or study materials to follow, solving sample test papers, problem solving sessions to clear doubts, solving previous year’s test papers and mock test. So, each and every step has to be followed with complete dedication and discipline, only then you can succeed in the NATA & JEE (B.Arch) Entrance Exam.

  4. Comprehensive Study Material for NATA and JEE Regular Course:

    The Best Comprehensive Study Materials is the best possible thing that could happen to you when you are preparing for the NATA and JEE B.Arch Exam. This is very important as it will save your time from rummaging through various books for various different subjects and topics. The Comprehensive study material will be a consolidated bank of knowledge and resources which you need to crack the NATA & JEE(B.Arch) Examination.

  5. Genuine Feedback:

    Learning should always be result-oriented. When you have learned something from the NATA & JEE (B.Arch) Study Material, then it becomes important that you take NATA Mock Tests and solve JEE B.Arch Sample Test Papers. And after that, there should be someone to discuss with you the mistakes, so that you avoid making those mistakes. Therefore, you see why genuine feedback is necessary for every phase of the preparation. This you would only get in a Coaching Center for NATA & JEE Examination.

  6. Mock Test Sessions:

    You should always take the NATA Mock Test Sessions & JEE (B.Arch) Sample Mock Test also for two reasons; 1. Practice & 2. Assessment. The things you have learned and the way you are able to express them should in accordance with the requirement of the examination. Therefore, solving Sample Test Papers and taking Mock Test Sessions is equally important. And if you enroll in a Coaching Center then you will also go through healthy competition with fellow aspirants.

NATA and JEE B.Arch Regular Course offered at our centers

ADA Classes has well-designed Classroom Coaching for NATA / JEE B.Arch Entrance Examination. These Centers provide a well-planned NATA / JEE Course Structure. The best reason why you should choose ADA Classes is that they have numerous centers strategically located in various states and cities of India. And, the good news is that all the centers provide Classroom Coaching for NATA / JEE B.Arch, both crash courses, regular courses are available.

Few of the Centers and their contact details are:

Classroom Coaching for NATA / JEE at Delhi

NATA / JEE Regular Classroom Coaching at Kolkata

Ragular Classroom Coaching for NATA / JEE at Patna

NATA / JEE Regular Course at Jharkhand

There are many more centers spread across allover India.

Tips to Crack the NATA and JEE(B.Arch) Entrance Exam

Here are some basic tips to help you slay the NATA & JEE (B.Arch) entrance exam and score high. It is highly recommended that you should for the Preparation Tips for NATA /JEE B.Arch for better results.

  1. You should enhance your drawing and rendering skills so as to express your ideas and concepts well.
  2. Gain a basic understanding of the light and shadow concepts. Learn perspective drawing.
  3. Solve various questions on aptitude and reasoning. As well as, you should brush up on your mathematics.
  4. Visit historic and heritage places and monuments of architectural prominence; gain insights about them, like materials used, construction styles, etc.
  5. As the 12th Board examination score also plays a vital role in the NATA & JEE Eligibility Criteria, you should equally schedule your time for both the preparation.
  6. Discipline and a focused approach are very important, therefore, you should maintain a planned and strategic schedule.
  7. Last but not least, you should be sincere, dedicated, and have faith in your preparation.

All these mentioned aptitude and skill development exercises are compiled in the NATA Study Material and JEE Mains Paper 2 (B.Arch) Study Material by ADA Classes. ADA Classes also provides you with a focused and disciplined study schedule for optimum utilization of your time and effort.

FAQ’s related to NATA / JEE regular course

Is Regular Classroom Coaching helpful in NATA preparation?

Regular Classroom Coaching is practically helpful in NATA preparation because of the fact that the classes provided the ADA Classes are comprehensive in their overall skill and ability development of the NATA Aspirant.

Is the study material provided by ADA Classes good for JEE (B.Arch) preparation?

The Study Materials provided by ADA Classes Classroom Coaching is very helpful in a way that the aspirants do not have to search and look for various books and reference books. ADA Classes provides a very comprehensive study material. Therefore, you get all the subjects and topics complete dealt with in a single Study Material package.

Does Regular Classroom Coaching for NATA & JEE enhance the preparation process?

Regular Classroom Coaching for NATA & JEE (B.Arch) contributes in many ways to enhance candidate’s skills and ability development. As you will have fellow aspirants working towards the same goal, you will get to create study groups to facilitate knowledge exchange. Regular Mock Tests will create healthy competition among the fellow aspirants and promote an enhanced learning process.

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